The thought of getting the YBP Makeup Perfector: Each one of us at some point or the other is a ‘tom-boy’. Some are a little while people like me have spent all their childhood, adolescence and a part of their youth being one. However, I am slowly beginning to convert and take some care of myself. The whole process also tagged ‘looking-good’ along which meant some use of make-up here and there. Now I am just a mere beginner (thank god for my sister that I at least began somewhere), always on-the-go or extremely lazy.

So just one of these days while exploring my Instagram, I came across this new upcoming brand which was preparing for its launch called YBP or Your Beauty Pal. The curious bug in me wanted to dig a little deeper and know what was YBP really about, which is when I realized they are a cosmetics firm ready to launch its first tool. Also, delightfully it is an Ahmedabad based firm run by ‘babe boss’ Payal Thaker.

What to expect from a Makeup Perfector or a Beauty Blender?

  1. They should be soft and bouncy on your skin.
  2. When you wet them, the size should considerably be bigger than earlier.
  3. Long lasting.
  4. Easy to maintain (Cleaning, Handling, etc.)
  5. Absorb anything that’s extra and keep it all natural.

Actual reason why I really needed this tool!

  1. I absolutely hate using my fingers to apply the product.
  2. Due to a lot of travelling, I need something that is compact and low-maintenance.
  3. Because I am just so lazy, I hate using multiple brushes.
  4. Between stiff schedules, all kinds of ‘make-up upkeep’ should be absolutely minimal.

The moment of truth: First Impression

YBP Makeup Perfector comes in two variants: Naked and Lust. I was not very sure if I should get both at once, so I just bought the Naked one first. As soon as it was delivered, while unboxing it, I kept thinking ‘Did I make a wrong decision?’. The Naked YBP makeup perfector is white in colour and is suitable for sensitive skin. I opened the little box and the perfector was inside a translucent tin with holes. Everything looked great but I was worried that when the sponge gets really dirty, it’ll be a tough job to clean the sponge white.

I am Medium skin, so I tried it first with my foundation, then concealer and I guess everything else.

The truth is I LOVE IT! A big big thumbs up. I can finish applying primer to highlighter just with one tool and it is much much faster because you one saves so much time by not using several brushes. I have used the Real Techniques Sponge which is fairly good, but somehow I could never achieve that dewy look, which I could with the Naked YBP Makeup Perfector. The tin’s lid can be used to place your product like a makeup palette. When travelling and your sponge is still wet, place it in the tin and pop it in your bag, it’ll still keep drying and stay clean.

And to add to all the love, when I really got to cleaning it, bah, it went back to white as it was (something I can really boast about)! It took me just about a couple days to be sure and I had already placed an order for their other variant, Lust.

Do you buy it or not?

Now, any YBP Makeup Perfector retails for Rs. 999 (if you buy from the YBP website) and Rs. 1099 if you buy from Amazon or Nykaa. It might feel a little expensive which I am sure it does, as there are many brands with sponges at much lower cost. But if you are looking for a long run makeup companion, buy them! It will definitely be a worthy investment.

Trendogue Recommends: Ways you can use your YBP Makeup Perfector

  1. When applying Make-up, use a serum or face oil. I love Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate and I use it in two ways. One, I clean my face well and then apply a couple drops of this oil before applying moisturizer and primer. And two, once done with placing foundation on your face and ready to blend, add a couple drops of this oil onto the sponge. It works like magic!
  2. Bake with these sponges.
  3. Use them to blend cream colour corrector and contour. I feel it just works better with the cream ones.

If you have used them and want to share your experiences, or add what else can a sponge do, just write a comment below!

Stay Stylish With Trendogue, xoxo!