I have already once talked about maintaining a good skincare routine, and how essential it is for you. Speak to your mom and you both will definitely agree on this one. Despite all odds and my laziness, I heard my mom carefully every time she spoke to me about using SPF or toning. There are so many ayurvedic treatments that one could use but I still stuck to something I discovered only about a year ago, micellar water.

Using Micellar Water

The gap of three decades between me and my mother gives me a technology advantage of the generation. Just once while browsing for a specific hand lotion I found this new product called micellar water. Of course being apprehensive about shopping skincare products online, I went to a nearby store and got myself a 100 ml bottle of Bioderma Sensible H2o. Now before I go ahead talking about how the product really  works for Indian skin, here is a little brief about what micellar water really is.

Micellar water is comprises of micelles (tiny ball-like particles of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in softwater. This is how it works: the micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, they are then able to pull out more impurities without drying your skin out. And hence, one can use micellar water as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one.

When you put a few drops on a cotton pad or even just look through the bottle, it has the viscosity of water. However, on your fingers, it would feel different.

A lot of brands today have created their own versions of micellar water which is a boon in disguise. When I found what wonders it could do, without any doubt, this little bottle of elixir is my makeup staple. And let’s say even if you don’t use any makeup, you should have it. Why?

Why is it important to have it?

  1. For all good reasons, it can super clean your face without having to try hard.
  2. I think if you use makeup removal wipes, I personally feel using micellar water is much better as wipes tend to cause dryness and sometimes leads to pimples too.
  3. A fantastic travel companion. When you don’t know what time will you find running water to foam and clean your face, micellar water comes to your instant rescue.
  4. It doesn’t leave your face oily as a few other face cleaners and makeup removers do.
  5. A bigger perk of using micellar water is that it makes your face looks fresh and clean.
  6. Your skin will never turn red after cleaning.

Products like foundations, mascara, eye liners and red lipsticks are the hardest to get off your face without making a mess. With micellar water, you need to have a cotton pad, pour a few drops and then wipe your face clean. As simple as that.

The best micellar water

There are a lot of labels selling this products online and in stores promising glorious benefits. But overnight, no zits vanish, we all know that! However, there are a few micellar water brands that I feel work wonders. They are all my favourites and blend in well for Indian skin tones.

Bioderma Sensibe H2O

I swear by Bioderma. There was a time when I ran out of it couple times and then didn’t find it anywhere else. My heart would cry in pain because my skin had begun to love using it. Now, I stock it up. When I think I am just left with a bottle, I order two more. Saves me a lot of trouble. I think theirs is an absolute winner. When you wipe your face with this, you can see on the cotton pad that pretty much everything is on it without you having to rub unnecessarily. This retails for about Rs. 990.

Garnier Skin Soothing 2-1 Makeup Remover


A good yet cheaper alternative to Bioderma is the Garnier’s Skin Soothing 2-1 Makeup Remover. It works well, however, I think it needs a couple wipes to completely clean your face. Rest everything about this product is great. I wish it was available widely in India. It retails for about Rs. 225.

Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser And Make-up Remover


Slightly more expensive, the Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser retails for about Rs. 1200. It deep cleans, soothes and hydrates your skin. A really good micellar water especially if you have sensitive skin.

These are my favourite micellar water, what about yours? Do you do something different in your skincare routine? Tell us in the comments section below!

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