Extraordinary boutique hotels in India

India is a country of heritage and culture across its lengths and depths. With the largest diverse population in the world, our country has some hidden gems when we talk about boutique hotels. I have had the pleasure of visiting most of them (I’d not say all for overnight guests but yeas definitely over a wedding or one of my dad’s business trips when he just loved taking his family along too). There are several boutique hotels in India, in fact, probably every State has a couple. Some of these boutique hotels are in the news because probably a celebrity was holidaying there. And the others are just rare finds. One of the things that are common amongst these boutique hotels in India is that they are all expensive and very hard to find reservations in. So, try and book much in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed.

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Ahilya by the sea, Goa

Goa is more often than not crowded with tourists. It is very difficult to find a hotel where you could be away from all the hustle of this beautiful beach town. Ahilya by the sea is a blessing for people like us. Unlike hotels, Ahilya is tucked away in a quiet corner of Dolphin Bay and the property has just nine beautifully decorated rooms. This private escape also has two swimming pools that feel like your own too.


Netuk house hotel, Gangtok

Built in the late 1950’s, the house belonged to Gellong Netuk Lama which is now known as the Netuk house hotel and we’re thankful this happened. This is one of the most picturesque boutique hotels in India because of its stunning location. It is a beautiful homestay property which is warm and opulent in its offerings. If you happen to visit Gangtok and want to get a sense of the Sikkimese traditions, you will be very happy to visit this hotel.


La Villa, Pondicherry

La Villa was conceptualized and created by two French architects, Tina Trigala and Yves Lesprit. This 19th-century manor made it to our list of boutique hotels in India for its stunning location and amenities. The rooms are spacious and have been tastefully curated with luxurious fabrics and contemporary designs made from old wood. Highlighting the Pondicherian past, La Villa is a tranquil escapade and a treat for those wanting to indulge in an inspiring interplay of influences and eras.


Brunton Boatyard, Kochi

Brunton Boatyard reflects the colonial past of Fort Kochi in a majestic way. It is a former shipyard from the British times, which had been converted keeping its stately grandeur and good taste untouched. One can experience these things through its ambiance, amenities, service, and food. This is one of those five-star boutique hotels in India emanating an eclectic mix of English, Portuguese and Dutch. Everything in the Brunton Boatyard is full of pomp and grandeur and definitely should be on your list to visit soon!


Nivah Sahaspur Bilari House, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Amongst several such small boutique properties, Nivah Sahaspur Bilari House happens to be a luxurious boutique homestay one cannot afford to miss. Built in the early 1900’s, this hotel is a true urban oasis covered in lush greens. This guest house of the European times which what once the residence of the royal family, now welcomes guests to experience its flamboyant heritage and regal service.


Sujan Sher Bagh, Ranthambore (Sawai Madhopur)

To all wildlife lovers who tend to be a luxury traveller too, if you are planning your next wildlife expedition, Ranthambore is a delight. And to match your luxury needs, Sujan Sher Bagh is one of the delightful boutique hotels in India. This property encompasses 12 luxurious tents nestling on the borders of the Ranthambore National Park. Indulgence here is a magical experience whether it is your safaris or in-hotel activities. To make your stay imperial, some suites here even have a private swimming pool.


The Orchard at Peora Estates, Uttarakhand

Do you want to experience the grandiosity of the sweeping vistas of the valleys of Uttarakhand? Peora is located about 55 km from Nainital, a small town that bundles The Orchard. Its luxurious guest quarters make us feel like we are in Italy. Amidst the picturesque beauty of the Himalayas, The Orchard suits those who love to feel the nature closely. It is also known for its delectable culinary delights cooked with most organic supplies that the chef captivates its guests with.

There are so many more boutique hotels in India that I am probably going to do a State wise list. These state of art properties are worth exploring and most will surprise you in the best possible ways.

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