Packing the wedding trousseau for Indian bride

As much as happiness they bring, weddings are equally chaotic and even more tiring. While you are making lists of everything, there are so many things that ceaselessly go on and on in our minds. It is unbelievable the amount of work that needs to be done when two people are getting married. In India, moreover, a wedding is a social affair. Ironically, everyone else is having a gala time, except for the ones who are really getting married. But it’s an experience on its own. How people come together to celebrate is fascinating to me. Now that I am getting married very soon too, I have been feeling the rush of all kinds of preparation going on. With all this, the wedding trousseau for Indian bride is something I never really understood. I mean I know there have to be new things, but I had no clue about what those things are. This becomes even more complicated when you have a cultural difference. Thankfully, my to be in-laws are pretty cool and understand that I might have preferences.

The real wedding trousseau for Indian bride

The challenge prevailed on what to take, what to buy and how much to buy. In situations like these the best advice comes from my dad first. Why? Dads always give a practical answer and of course, they will never leave their daughter’s wishes unfulfilled. So dad being dad, he told me to buy everything I liked but only as much as I needed. This totally makes sense. There are so many customs in different cultures which specify a number of particular items in the wedding trousseau of Indian bride. It is considered to be auspicious. Irrespective of all these different customs that will be proposed, here are a few things you should consider before hitting the shopping arenas.

  1. Buy what you will wear more often. Stacking up your bag with dozens of sarees doesn’t make sense if you will only wear them once or twice a year.
  2. Fashion and trends change rapidly. So remember what you buy today will probably become old-fashioned tomorrow. Maybe buy a thing or two that are evergreen.
  3. You are going to shop two months later too! So do not overload.
  4. You will find expensive things with similar quality elsewhere on a lower cost too. Make a budget, so you don’t overspend.
  5. Shop according to the weather you will be living in.
  6. Do your research. Speak to both the families and understand the requirements. A lot of things come from the groom’s side. You can avoid buy them so there is no redundancy.

What to shop?

The wedding trousseau for Indian bride needs to b broken down into the following:

Clothes: As Indian brides, we have some obligation to have at least a few pieces of traditional clothing. I feel just having a couple sarees and 4-5 salwaar kameez/anarkalis or whatever you prefer suffices. Once you know what to do about the fancy clothes, dump in clothes you will love wearing on a daily basis. (P.S. Honeymoon clothing is your complete personal choice. You have your liberty no one is ever going to question *wink*).

Shoes: I have a lot of shoes so haven’t really bought any except a couple pairs of fancy flats. Shoes are again very personal and dependent on what kinds you like to wear. Someone like me will probably have more shoes in their trousseau than anything else. Sigh.

Bags: One fancy clutch and a handbag should would ideally. I have at least bought half a dozen bags and about a half to carry on already.

Jewellery: This is completely dependent on your wish.

Miscellaneous: Things like makeup and accessories (handkerchief, daily use necessities, hair accessories) cover under miscellaneous. Ideally, when you pack in your trousseau, it should have all essentials you will require when you move. It doesn’t mean you stock up, but you should have everything to comfortably settle down. Of course, after that your husband will have to fulfill a long list, indeed!

In short, your wedding trousseau is not so complicated as other things might seem. Just have things you love and things that will be in use more often. You can always buy more later!

Trendogue Recommends

Here are a few ‘wedding trousseau’ must haves:

  1. A pair of high heels. They are super versatile.
  2. Ethnic flats, maybe ballet flats.
  3. Clutches which are indo-western.
  4. Blouses to team up with your sarees which have a ‘deep’ back. You must keep the newly-wed charm alive for long after all!
  5. Some classy lingerie.
  6. Accessories like contemporary fashion or precious jewellery and stoles.
  7. Sindoor. Must-have!
  8. An essential makeup it with a liner, good red and pink lipsticks, mascara and a blush.
  9. Your little black dress, for your honeymoon and all those club parties.
  10. Ideal swimwear.

Are you getting married soon? What do you think about the wedding trousseau of Indian bride? Tell us more in the comments section below!

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