Understanding makeup expiry dates

One of the biggest dilemmas of life is how to throw the makeup that you have bought with your hard-earned money and has actually stuck by you through thick and thin? In the last few days, I got rid of some very expensive powder blushes, concealers, compact powders, eyeshadows, and mascara because of makeup expiry dates. As heartbreaking as it felt, I know it was much needed and there’s more to do away with. You have to know this, makeup expiry dates exist for a reason and if you’ve been ignoring it, you’re probably not doing the right thing. Using any makeup beyond its expiry dates could have skin or health implications.

First of all, hoarding makeup for years means you have been using quite a lot of them occasionally or regularly. Some makeup products have a short shelf life while some makeup products can be used for years together. A couple months ago I had applied makeup and gone to an event. As soon as I was home, my face had at least 3 zits and an upcoming pimple. I was surprised and began seeing the products and brushes I had used. Two mistakes I made were using a foundation which showed signs of separation within the bottle and used a dirty brush which wasn’t washed for over 10 days. Problem? The foundation was from Clinique and was its closing expiration date and of course, an unclean brush added to it. Then now the question is how long do you think your makeup last? Or can you use anything beyond makeup expiry dates?

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The range of makeup expiry dates

Look at the back of your makeup products and find out what is the manufacturing date and its expiry date. Most products have expiry dates written ranging from one to three years (skin care products having a longer period before they expire). However, when you open fresh makeup, its consistency begins to change as you use it. If you see carefully, your old mascaras have begun to look clumpy, powders become chalky, beauty blender isn’t blending well or has become harsher on the skin and so on. These are signs that your makeup expiry dates are done with.


Eye products

If we talk about eye products, they probably have the lest shelf like of all the makeup products. Mascaras, eyeliners, and pot gel liners, all of them are used regularly and despite their makeup expiry dates, the pumping lets a lot of bacteria flow in. It is ideal to have new mascaras, liners and gel liners once every 6 months. Your brow products can still be used close to a year. I like using my eye shadows for a longer period of time since I make sure I clean my brushes before every application. They are good to be used up to their expiry dates.

Face products

As I was telling, good foundations can stay opened and just perfectly fine up to one even 1.5 years. But mid-range or cheaper foundations will begin to separate i.e. there are two different layers visible within the bottle. Concealers can last for a year. But mine never does because I use it the most. The best way to using concealers or foundations is to put some on your hand without contact and then dip your brush in it for further application. Usually, in face products, you do not have to worry about its makeup expiry dates because they are used often. But if you have powder products like blushes, contour or compact powder, look for signs of chalkiness and then say goodbye to those. Cream products are good until their makeup expiry day is hovering around.

Lip products

Lipsticks are good to use for 2 years at least. All you need to do is before every application just wipe off the top with a makeup tissue. To be honest, I just cannot throw away my Dior or Chanel lipsticks so easily. Sigh. For lip liners, do the same thing if they are retractable or just sharpening the pencil ones will do fine with its longevity. I recommend using a clean lip brush when applying a liquid lipstick or a gloss so they aren’t filled with bacteria too soon.

Treat your makeup like your food and make sure you are aware of your makeup expiry dates. Keep most of your products in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping them in your bathroom drawers or the car’s glove boxes because of the moisture and heat loitering around always.

If you have any more questions about your makeup expiry dates or anything related to makeup, write in the comments below and we will address it.

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