Road trips and I

Since I was a child, I have no memory of a single long distance road trip that my parents would have taken. I don’t know if they were too lazy to drive, worried about safety or what, but I really couldn’t get the taste of road trips until I moved out to college. When you first think of travelling alone, you feel fear stricken, but eventually, it fades away. As soon as I took a small trip and eventually longer trips one after the other, it had become a primal urge to travel. As you cross highways and river streams, you realize how inexplicable the world is that we eventually lose amidst the hustle of the city life.


Spontaneous and Carefree

The first few travels would be planned, because I didn’t want to make a mistake in an unknown place and of course the “parents” pressure. Then they were spontaneous, either alone, with friends or just a mere stranger. It broadens one’s perspectives and I’d rather say that my mind had never felt free as it did during those trips. Most alone, I took the public transport to travel like the buses. So even if I was alone, I was never really alone.

Discover yourselves

Most of those confusions and frustrations vanish when one is travelling by road. The reason may not be the people your travel with but the experience you live during that road tri