An overwhelmed bride

It has been a little over 3 weeks and I still think I don’t look as glowing as a bride should. There is this overwhelming joy of getting married to the person you love, but for me it is like a prolonged jet lag. I have lived my wedding through and through and while a lot of things went right, a lot didn’t. I have been planning a lot of different things, following different pages and accounts on social media and making countless notes. I and my fiance-then-now-husband were eagerly looking forward to finally live together legally of course. And we are finally married. Through all this from my personal experience I have compiled a list of things that brides should always consider as their big day comes closer. It’s always nicer if your husband is going to happily take care of your concerns.

Delegate responsibilities

This not most of us can execute well and I happened to fail miserably myself. Whether you’re getting married in the day or night, you need to know that you will be all over your place and your immediate family already has a ball to manage from customs to preparations. My closest friends, had arrived as soon as I was at the venue and thankfully took care of things that were not even told to them. You must discuss your wedding chores in advance with your best friends so everything goes as planned. Plus, if they can’t even do that much, what are best friends for eh?

Eat and Eat!

My wedding and reception were both on the very same day and no one realizing what a mess I might become by the end of the day, I was told to not eat until the wedding was over. My husband didn’t eat either. I understand there are customs and then there is this immense emotion to do everything right, but all of it doesn’t matter if the bride can’t even smile. I am someone who needs her breakfast, and I was told to skip that altogether. By the time between the ceremonies when I felt hungry, I was helpless. As the wedding was over and we sat for lunch, I could hardly eat. Few reasons are you haven’t eaten since morning, you are absolutely lost over the transition and trust me, you are feeling like you can burst into tears any damn moment. Now here’s what’s straight from my heart: DO NOT SKIP ANY MEAL, IT IS YOUR DAMN DAY! I was not just famished but frustrated and you can’t blame anyone for this. If it is a morning wedding, get a nice heavy breakfast before you leave and if a night wedding, then have a heavy lunch.

Do not lose it over anything

I am sure most of you plan everything in advance in order to have the perfect wedding. But even if some friends of yours don’t turn up, don’t really fret saying ‘what the hell’! Trust me, nothing should be able to ruin such a big day of your life, not even such trivial things.

Skip the stage

The wedding was super simple and well lit and just to highlight all the rituals that happen as we get married, there was an elevated stage of about a feet high. The reception was great as we had discussed. There was no stage, which meant no unnecessary smiling and standing for hours on the stage until you have greeted 100 families and got a picture with them. We escaped that horrible experience and rather moved around the lawn.

Get a tear proof makeup

The first time I met my makeup artist I told her that I definitely don’t want running kajal and mascara if at all I cry (which I was so sure I wouldn’t but as a bride I had). With all that she did, and with as much I cried, nothing went running, the makeup was super intact with absolutely no touch ups required.

Wearing what’s comfortable

Practically, pencil heels are killing and weddings are long and there’s a lot to dance. So whether it is the dear you’ve chosen, the shoes you plan to wear or the jewellery that matches with it, so not overdo to case hindrance in your day. Keep it minimal, you’ll not regret it!

Say no to the photographers when it is too much

I had two kinds of photographers around, traditional and candid ones. The traditional photographers can severely get on your nerves but the candid ones will just capture some magical moments that are missed otherwise. During our reception, I had to literally tell all of them to go away and leave us alone for 15 minutes. I swear I will never want to join the show business.

Let the honeymoon rest

We set off for a brief honeymoon after about a week of our wedding. Now the idea was not to pick a touristy foreign destination immediately but go somewhere we can both spend time alone but relaxing more often. I think even to go to this honeymoon we could have at least given ourselves another 3-4 weeks to first get over with all the exhaustion of the wedding preparation. I mean it is absolute madness and no wonder I still feel so tired. So golden rule: Go to your honeymoon at least a month after if you plan to go to a foreign destination because obviously you would want to explore the place and not feel like a couch potato.

Talk the heed

It is understood that you have had to move to a new house altogether and it will take quite some time to feel at home. There are a million thoughts that could occur in your head. Try not keeping them inside but speaking with your husband or best friend instead. Transitions are difficult but things settle down eventually. Never let a single moment make you feel dull.

So, let it just be about the two lovely people becoming one and nothing else.

Are you getting married soon and going to be a bride? Do you have any questions that bother you? Share them in the comments section below!

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