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I have been wanting to write about the best pillows for sleeping for at least a month, but procrastinator in me was unwilling to bring all the research together I had done on this subject. The only pillows that I end up loving the most are the ones in hotels. You can never get over the fact how crazy comfortable they are. Frankly, who doesn’t like good comfortable pillows? I mean it is more of a necessity to pick the right pillows for your bed. Good pillows mean a good night sleep. The only time we go to our bed it after we are back from a long day at work and then you just want to rest well prepping for the next day.
Eventually, the purpose of picking the best pillows for sleeping should fulfill the following purposes: Align your head, neck, and back and support it without any strain. When you lie down, it takes about 10-15 minutes for your neck and head to feel comfortable on the pillow. If you have an unsuitable pillow, you will not be able to sleep well. And if that has been the case forever now, it means there’s something wrong with your pillow.

What happens when you pick the best pillows for sleeping?

  1. You will not have stiffness or pain in your neck.
  2. The body alignment is correct maintaining the right posture for your body.
  3. A bad pillow might cause spinal troubles and, strained shoulders and consistent back pain.

You must change your pillows at least once in 18-24 months, depending on the kind of pillow you bought.
Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Does your pillow have stains from sweating or torn?
  • Does your pillow smell?
  • Do a fold test: If your pillow unfolds itself quickly when you fold it in half, it means it still has life in it. If it remains folded, or any of the above questions are positive, you need to get a new set of pillows.

Pillows can collect dead skin cells, mildew, mold, fungus and dust mites.

Types of pillows for sleeping

There are several types from which you can always choose the best pillows for sleeping for yourselves. For example, Memory foam is a kind that lasts up to 3 years while if you choose to buy Natural pillows, they will last much longer than the Synthetic pillows. So, just like we have to worry about how good our mattresses should be, buying good pillows is an investment.

Do you have a specific sleep position? Then you need a pillow which is just right for your sleeping position. According to, if you’re a side sleeper, you need fluffier pillows that can fill the gap where your shoulders tend to sink in the mattress. Those who sleep on their backs need thinner pillows with enough support for your neck and people like me who sleep on their stomachs definitely need the thinnest or no pillows. Fluffier pillows for stomach sleepers can give them a chronic backache.

Fill and fiber

Fill and fiber of the pillow vary from need to need.

  • Fill weight: Down and synthetic pillows are lighter in weight. Memory foam and latex pillows are heavier. Weight is usually a personal preference when buying the best pillows for sleeping.
  • Quality of fill: When you’re pillow shopping, usually the expensive ones are better and long-lasting. They will be more comfortable and known to provide more support than the cheaper variants.
  • Fill power: Your pillows have a fill power. The higher the number is, the better is the quality. Anything over 600 fill is great and 800+ is going to last a decade at least.


Synthetic Down and Polyester fill: If you’re on a hunt for the best pillows for sleeping, you should know that synthetic pillows are definitely cheaper than the natural ones. Pillows with a polyester fill are medium to soft and will flatten with time.


Cotton Pillows: I feel cotton pillows are somehow the best pillows for sleeping because they are hypo-allergic, dust and mites resistant that makes it is a great choice for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.


Latex Pillows: These pillows are firmer than down pillows and they hold their shape. Latex pillows are resistant to dust mites and mold too. These are designed to provide extra support to your neck and shoulders.


Memory foam: Another one of the best pillows for sleeping recommended for most people since these pillows conform to your shape. The foam softens as you lie down and contours to the lines of your head, neck and shoulders.

Tips for choosing the best pillows for sleeping

  • Look at good reputable brands when buying pillows.
  • Find an expert in the store who can suggest better pillows for your exclusive needs.
  • If you have troubles such as spondylitis or chronic back pain, consult a doctor and ask whether you need a special pillow to help relieve the pain. Pillows come in several speciality shapes for additional support and stability. Cervical and contour pillows are helpful with neck and back pain.
  • Pick breathable fabrics.
  • Decorative pillows and sleeping pillows are different. Don’t sleep on the decorative ones. They almost have no support.
  • Wash your pillow covers one a week or in 10 days.

I am sure you have some idea about how to pick the best pillows for yourself and your family. Share this with your folks too!

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