Memories, we all love.

Oh those memories! They creep in when you least want them, and are virtually impossible to get rid of. But do we really want to throw away our memories?  To quote a Polish poet, you can close your eyes to reality but not to memories. No wonder your home is filled with memorabilia and you simply can’t bring yourself to throw away all those big and small things which remind you of some moment or the other in your life.

Now there’s nothing wrong with holding on to precious memories but the problem arises because of the clutter that leads to in the house. While your memory bank may be unlimited, there is a limit to the number of things you can keep forever. So is there no way out of this clutter? Can we actually throw away some of that stuff without feeling as though we are cheating ourselves out of those cherished ones that are so dear to our hearts? Yes, there is, and we can!


Which memories to keep or give away!

  1. Now who doesn’t want to keep their child’s first doll or the notebook in which they got their first `excellent’ from their teacher? In fact, there would be countless such things that are memorable to you.

Unfortunately, it’s simply not feasible to keep them all. So the answer lies in being selective. Maybe a thing or two from his childhood days, a couple from his teens and one-odd thing to remember his college days by! Keep a few things from different stages of life – maybe something that reminds you of a big event or a special occasion. That’s enough to keep the memories alive.

  1. It’s easier to save and store photographs than to save actually stuff. So rather than the first color set of your child, why don’t you digitally store a photograph of him/her drawing with it? And why just your child’s stuff! You could do that with your first Rolex or grandpa’s walking stick, and a thousand other things that have an emotional bond for you. Your connect with your memories will, in fact, be sharper this way.
  1. You can even go a step further and upload those photographs on blogging sites and social media, as an increasing number of people are in fact doing these days. Think of the last time you did something like that and the sense of pride all those comments and likes evoked. This is an extraordinary way of storing your memories for posterity.
  1. In this age of recycling, try reusing some of the things you simply can’t give up. This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily put them to the same use as before. If that is not possible, experiment with your ingenuity to discover new ways of using the old stuff. By reusing things, you will actually see your memories being refreshed without having to dig into the storage space. What’s more, you will find yourself sharing your memories with your family and friends too.

Memories are excellent so long as they are not overwhelming. The clutter in the house resulting from keepsakes will do exactly that – make your memories overwhelming. So it’s time to throw some of it out.