Our Uncertainties

It’s been raining and I have had a lot too much on my plate. Travelling somewhere always is like a breath of fresh air, away from all that’s monotonous and dull. It has been a pleasant day but not good enough to wipe off the uncertainties. Where would we all be if things we really simple? Like you could avoid a delayed flight, or you could get something every time you desired. Alas! We have all had our shares of struggling with uncertainties here and there. But how far can it really go?

Could you hear? There’s a voice in my head

Screeching to leave, the truth to tell

Could you have stopped? To watch me stare

To see the ferocious, the anger bare

Did you feel? The fire cease

And a heart that grieves

Looking at her keenly in his silence

As she gulps her wine

The world halts in its sight

To share another tale of love

The uncertain, timid yet fierce

Those words we spoke in fear

Only to see how time embraces

A heart, which has so much to bear

Have I not done enough?

Something broke in a shudder

A dream, incomplete, in congest

I still remember how I could convert pretty much everything into poetry. All emotions anger, happiness, fear, anxiety and even my uncertainties. But here’s how most of us do deal with these head spinning things.

Think about the very first time you felt something hitting your head. Your mind will quickly identify what’s going on and then make you resist a similar situation. With uncertainties, some of us just begin to be self-critical. I would begin over-thinking and then *Boom*, it’s over. Fluctuating blood pressure levels and erratic pulse, that’s probably going to make you sicker in the long run. It is all about the perception, because in a situation like this, you’re probably becoming irrational, hasty and ahem, some of us even bad with the way we talk. Through all this we forget that all uncertainties and everything else that causes stress is increasing your inability to avoid. Yes, avoid and overlook to that side which a sane human is possibly trying to explain to you.

The Solutions

Dealt with it or dealing with it, here’s what you could start and stop doing.

  1. Stop assuming: Assumptions are tiring, frustrating and extremely harmful. Most of the times because we assume something so trivial, we are probably missing out on something special that could have happened. Trust me, just as it has happened with me innumerable times, it has happened with you too and it is about time you quit assuming.
  2. Stop the process of denial: How is that beneficial anyway? Instead of denial only if you could take some time out to figure things out, the picture would probably become clearer.
  3. Time doesn’t really heal things: Yes, it doesn’t. Healing happens with revelations and progress.
  4. Put a stop to your self-critic: Your self-critic is making you negative when you’re being way too critical of yourself. Like in bad relationships, I have only been blaming myself and also been vocal about it. But the truth is, I was not the only one at fault. My self-critic made me the bad person in my own sight. Don’t do that!
  5. Talk it out: Whatever or whoever is the reason behind how you feel, speak about it. Maybe not just to anyone, but the one you think has answers. Just try not to go to anyone who in return gives you more ‘I don’t knows’!
  6. Breathe: Try yoga, does help you calm down. Or if nothing, find a nice green place, wake up early in the morning and breathe in the fresh air. Do it for days in possible.
  7. Learn from your mistakes: Learn from others’ is what I would recommend first. But if you’ve made the mistake once, take lessons and consciously avoid the next time. (unfortunately, some mistakes I had to repeat to learn. Bah!)
  8. Feel inspired: There is something that we all love and maybe someone or something that inspires us all. My inspiration has been different but little things. Take the inspiration and do something nicer and constructive. You never know what marvel you could build. (Disclaimer: When I say inspiration, it’s all the happy and positive things only.)

No one really knows how long will your uncertainties prevail. The longer you hold onto it, the possibilities are you will end up with stress you don’t really deserve.

Let it go? No? Maybe.

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