Picking the right window curtains

When it comes to designing our homes, we think of everything and all the accessories that blend in well to making our homes beautiful. But we often tend to forget small things that bring the whole place together. In this category of small things having the right window curtains play a very important role in bringing your whole place alive together.

A lot of thought has to be put into choosing the right window curtains for your rooms. They can be a very cost-effective accessory for your home and can do wonders. However, buying the wrong window curtains can make your room feel cluttered, dreadful and kill the vibe of your living room or bedroom. So, here are a few tips which will guide you through buying the perfect window curtains for your home.

Styling window curtains

  • The first thing that you should keep in mind while window curtains for a specific room is that it should naturally fuse in as a part of the room. Because curtains are a little expensive people tend to buy the same window curtains for every room. This rarely works for all rooms. But nowadays with contemporary interior designs people pick, different rooms are styled differently and the same window curtains cannot possibly become a part of every room. So, take it slow if you find the curtains’ cost too high. Go one room at a time but make sure they complement your room well.
  • Choose the colour and design of the curtains accordingly. Often, we pick the curtains matching with the paint on the walls of the room. Home décor is all about matching components and still keeping the aesthetics alive. Exact matching never helps. Look for contrasting options, explore prints such as Aztec or Florals for your home curtains.
  • While shopping, remind yourselves why you really need window curtains. It’s functionally to keep the prying eyes off as well as blocking the unwanted harsh day light. Picking translucent curtains might look amazing in all the rooms but they do not serve any of these purposes. Instead, pick a mix of translucent as well as opaque curtains. Block the light completely or let the room have sufficient light by just sliding in the translucent curtains.
  • Put some thoughts into the kinds of window curtains you can work around with. Pick from textures and prints and try and brew it with everything else that you plan to place in your homes.
  • Buying the perfect window curtains for your home is just a part of your job done. For the perfect curtain to look absolutely stunning in your room you should be able to display it properly. Sometimes the best way to project your curtain’s beauty is to let it drape naturally but trying different ways never does any harm. There are a lot of videos available online you can learn curtain draping from.

Window curtains are a great accessory that can elevate the complete interior of your homes instantly. Just make sure that there is a balance among all the elements that you place in your house.

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