Dear Women,

You were born to some as happiness, some as curse

As curvy, skinny, thick, thin and ugly

Some are short, average and tall

Some are dark, pale, white and beige

As a mother, daughter, teacher and wife

And a friend, his girlfriend or maybe an unruly kind

You have been judged

For how you talk and things you do

Or have you compromised

Fought and fought until they lose the right.

You diet and skip your meals as often

Yet the world waits to scorn.

Those several times you were reminded

How unsafe it is to walk alone

Or how your waist size will decide

Whether you get married to a king or cry

Dear women, you may not be a superhero

But a woman with a heart full of desires

To travel the world, to dive into the ocean

To be a writer and be a pilot

In a frivolous world like ours

Do not live to please them

Them- Those who stare, who have opinions

Who say you’re inferior

But never really anything to appreciate

Fall in love, wear clothes for yourself

Wear your makeup everyday

Be the star of every party

Skip the list of obligations you were told

Because you’re enough as you are

Dear women, you’re beautiful

Strong and bold

So hold the reign of your own life

And be the best role your play in life

Those who say you’re nothing

You’re everything the world is yet to discover.