How did I start crash dieting?

When I was in my 10th grade, I was a healthy weighing kid, which means I was eating right and everything was right according to my BMI. I wasn’t working out so much then, because we were always involved in school sports activities. I was as strong as any guy in the class was, thanks to the good nourishment and my genes. But there were other girls too, skinnier girls who were getting a lot of attention. Being in school brings a lot of pressure which adults often fail to understand. Of course, getting good grades is a priority, but there is this need of being noticed too, especially by the other gender. These skinnier girls I am mentioning had boyfriends (or lied, who knows) and I happened to like someone too. So, more reason for me to be conscious of things and looking nicer every single day of coming to school.

One day, I asked one of my friends who was a part of the skinny ‘girls gang’, to understand what were they doing differently. All I could understand was she was on some kind of diet and some supplements that helped her lose weight. It was nothing but crash dieting. I thought that I was never a princess-looking kind but was and have been smarter than the rest. And, that was it, the biggest mistake of my life, I started with crash dieting.

Crash dieting is a deathly impulse

I thought ‘let’s try crash dieting for a month’. In that month, I was eating as little as you can imagine, probably just about 400-500 calories a day, going to the gym after coming from my School and Tutions and also learning yoga from my mom at home. I lost 10 kgs that month. People began noticing it and very quickly it became news. I was from the class of school representatives and it was a big deal for me especially when a couple times the guy I liked asked me how was I losing so much weight so fast. I went ahead with it. The portion of my eating would vary but probably never crossed 1500 calories a day, even on vacations or birthdays. I could see the results of this crash dieting in the massive inch loss that reflected on my clothes.

Over 6 months into this diet, I had met with an accident. That was the first time I couldn’t get up on my own, I had only hurt my left feet. My parents were worried because I was losing strength and this recovery which should have taken a week took a few days over a month. There were a few more such incidents in the gym of injuries but I still wouldn’t stop. By the end of the year, my dad was getting transferred, which means we had to move to a new city (I was still crash dieting). After a year of this miserable diet, when I was in 11th grade, one day there was some swelling under my eye. The ophthalmologist told me to get my Thyroid checked and I was detected positive with this disease I cannot get rid of but only manage.

Say no to crash dieting

Honestly, save yourself from this ridiculous way of losing weight. By the end of that year, I weighed 45 kgs and my height was 167cms. I was underweight, unhealthy and sick by losing so much strength. The moment I stopped crash dieting I quickly started putting on weight with normal diet intake because I was hypothyroid. To be honest, I brought this upon myself and there’s nothing I regret more.

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I have friends who have tried crash dieting and it has been difficult to explain to them what happened to me and yet see them trying for drastic results. Crash dieting is not a permanent solution to weight loss but a dangerous one that brings more health risks. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are the only way to remain healthy and weight loss becomes a part of this routine.

Things to keep in mind

  • There are better ways of losing weight. Some plans work with some people, other work for others, crash dieting is a no for everyone.
  • Consult a nutritionist. You will know there is absolutely nothing better than eating everything that you can cook at home in moderate quantities.
  • If you are a school or college going girl, you have to stop thinking you need to look better. Do you need to work on health? Yes, that has to be done for life. But do not try any supplements or methods that you think with give you instant inch loss. Every thing done at a gradual pace is a long-lasting way of making it stay forever.
  • Eat well. Don’t count your calories but me mindful of what you eat. You become what you eat.
  • Don’t keep weighing yourself every day! Keep the scales away, you’re doing good. Take one day at a time.

It’s not a good idea to pick crash dieting. Tell me if you think the same way or as any questions you have in the comment section below and I will help you.

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