Types of Handbags, Unawareness: When I began college, I was oblivious of all kind of fashion trends. Now the problem is there when you are unaware, you need someone to tell you some basics to follow. But I had none. Then I began working at one of the esteemed editorials in the country and began to earn whatever little stipend. That’s when I realized I need to buy a good bag. I don’t even remember what bag did I have in college. So finally, one day while we were walking around sector 17 in Chandigarh, I entered the United Colors of Benetton and found this lovely sling/handbag. I instantly bought it. I think I must have used that bag at least for a year and a half easily and didn’t want to let it go even when it wore out. Then I came back to Ahmedabad, and bought another bag instantaneously. Eventually I realized I love bags, all kinds maybe.

And today, I at least have 10 bags, maybe more (I don’t remember). My parents criticize me big time for this splurge buying but I can’t help it. I see a different kind which looks really nice, I buy it. It’s like a fetish. You just can’t stop buying it. My type of handbag would be the one which doesn’t have an overload of details, mostly single colour bag and not white (it is painstaking to maintain it).


Types of Handbags you should have

The kinds and likes of handbags vary significantly from person to person. Having a lot of guys as friends has helped me understand their taste in the types of handbags they like. Handbags essentially are great accessories because they can really accentuate your overall look, and of course, be an efficient storage. Let’s first begin with the types of bags a woman should have.


The best kinds. We have taken them around in schools, some prefer taking them around in colleges too because it can hold a lot. Apart from the traditional bag packs, I am more inclined towards the more trendier ones. H&M and Forever 21 seem to have a great collection of these in their stores.


It is a bucket shaped bag which has a lot of room to keep things in it. These are my personal favourite for the following reasons:

  1. They are open.
  2. You don’t have to unzip it to dump your things in.
  3. Much stylish and looks elegant.

I own a couple, one from Forever 21, Mango and H&M. I find them ideal when travelling.


It is a wide U-shaped bag that looks like it is hung over a saddle. They usually have limited space to work with about 3 inch width only. If you are going to a party or a get together and there’s not much to carry around, they are great. My favourite is a burgundy coloured saddle bag by Mango.


The shapes and kinds vary. Some are longer, some small. You will find them for both traditional as well as routine purposes. There’s hardly any space. You could probably fit in some cash, lipstick and your phone. Mine is a cute box clutch by Accessorize.


My wardrobe is filled with most of totes and just as Bucket bags, I can’t have enough of totes. Again, for the same reasons of all types of handbags just as Bucket bags, I love totes too. They are absolutely handy and great for big bag lovers. I have them from Michael Kors, Forever 21, H&M, and Mango.


These bags have large handles with a lot of compartments inside. It has a rounder base and id quite big in size too. The main compartment has a closure and I think these bags come in handy when you’re street shopping. I found mine at a Vero Moda store.


Now let’s say you are someone who goes to a gym from work or you are going for a short travel, that’s when a duffel bag comes in handy. A duffel bag is usually 12-15 inches in height and 20-25 inches in length. I personally love the leather duffel bags as they look really stylish and also serves the purpose of taking along a few more things that usual.


Men and women both use it. There are small fancy clutches and wristlets that women have choices from. I carry just a wallet when I am lazy and also when I am running quick errands.

Now let’s talk about the man’s handbag that can pretty much help you with you on-the-go storage needs.

The Backpack and the Gym bag

Amongst all types of handbags for men, I have seen them commonly using these. I think the leather ones fit in elegantly here as well.

Messenger bags and the classic old briefcase

Somehow I think the briefcase has gone out of fashion. But if you see businessmen, some still do carry those sleek, dark coloured beautiful briefcases. They look fantastic by the way. Then there are messenger bags, which either have a flap or a zip. Now there are those made with leather as well as cloth. However, my personal favourite is the leather one. Let’s say you have a casual day, then the cloth made messenger bag works too.

A Holdall bag

Dear men, now please make a note. This to me feels an absolutely sophisticated bag. It is similar to a duffel bag, just a little more refined and prettier. Check this Ted Baker Holdall bag.


Of all types of handbags, which is your favourite kind? Tell us in the comments below. Share with your friends so they know about the types of handbags too!

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