Know how travelling with contacts can be easy

Travelling truly is a wonderful experience until something goes wrong and you’re panicking. That’s right, this has happened with most of us in some or the other way. With me particularly, I lost my only pair of extended eyes i.e. my contact lenses. It is devastating when you realize that you can’t see clearly especially if it is in the beginning of your travel. I have a poor vision at a distance and it can get really annoying because I also develop a headache real soon. And since, this was not very long back, I’d like to help you with some guidance on travelling with contacts and never being in trouble again.

Buy an extra pair

If you’re travelling with contacts, you cannot possibly just have one pair which you regularly might be using. Make sure you get yourself another pair of lenses handy. You must be not calculating the cost in your head, so the best way is to have monthly disposable lens as your spare pair. Saves money and you can really wear it for a month once you’re back. If you’re a regular traveller, this step is essential for you.

Keep a pair of glasses handy

Honestly, I cannot wear lenses for more than 10 hours in a stretch. So, every time I pack my lenses, I also have a pair of glasses handy. Makes it so much easier for me. If you’re a frequent flyer, my suggestion is not to wear lenses in the flight but your glasses instead and then once you’re off, wear your lenses. In flight, your eyes and skin dry out so much sooner which may cause eye irritation and discomfort if you’re wearing lenses. Travelling with contacts is quite handy, you can wear it almost everywhere with a small mirror around.

Solution is essential

You cannot just be travelling with contacts, you also need the solution with it. I use just one bottle of solution for my coloured as well as non-coloured lenses. You have to make sure that if your lenses are out of use for 5 days, you have to change the solution and then place your lenses inside again. For people using lenses every day, change the solution every alternate day. To avoid eye infections and irritation, you need to clean your lenses in the solution thoroughly before and after wearing them.


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Keep the prescription

I don’t have such high eye numbers, but if you do or even if you don’t you must have your eye prescriptions along with you. Emergencies are sudden and unannounced. Better to be prepared than regretting later.


Whether or not you’re travelling with contacts, it is always necessary to make sure whatever you put in your eyes is fresh and clean. Your lens cases should be clean, the solution needs to be kept in a clean area and your eyewear cases as well as your glasses need to be cleaned thoroughly. Not keeping these things in a sterile environment can be damaging for your eyes.

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Whenever you are travelling with contacts, you need to make sure that if you haven’t slept well the previous night, don’t wear lenses the next morning. It’ll mess up your eyes making it one thing for sure- very tired! I love my soft lenses by Bausch and Lomb, and if you’re planning to get another pair or are new to lenses, get the ones only by them.

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