Travel Accessories of 2017

When your plans are to travel just anywhere into the wilderness, you must be equipped for situations that may come in your way. I dream and live travel, that’s how much I love the sound of this word. But I have learnt from my experiences to carry the essential travel accessories where ever I go without fail. Once while travelling to Dharamshala, it was a long flight from Mumbai to Delhi to Chandigarh. And to add to it a bus journey to Dharamshala. I realized my neck had started to give up on me. Hence, a neck pillow for long tours is necessary.

My list of bad experiences is not as big as the good ones, but to eliminate all the bad possibilities in the future, I have compiled a list of travel accessories that pretty much works for everyone. Also includes where you can buy them from!

An Extra Pair of Glasses

Okay, if you wear glasses, make sure you always have a couple spares. I broke mine twice to go around half-blindingly. It give you head aches big time. And when you have glasses or lenses you need eye wear cases. They need to be sturdy big time. I found some real quirky ones on Chumbak for myself.

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A Good Power Bank

When you’re travelling long on the go, there’s hardly any time to charge your phones. And I absolutely hate charging my phone at the airport charging booths, that’s just some unnecessary waiting. So after one of my power banks broke recently, I just bought a 20000mAh power bank for myself. Charges my phone at least 5 times easily, that’s two days covered for sure.

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Passport Holder

In my list of travel accessories, this is my recent favourite. For many it would seem like it’s not required, but honestly I feel passport holders are of real utility. Not only it keeps your passport safe, you can keep in your other important documents too.

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Travel Pillows

Since I told you why already.

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Spike Guard

This is one of the most essential travel accessories that a lot of us do not even pay attention to. Let’s say you are travelling to a location for nature and wildlife. Of course, most of the stay places have electricity, but there might always be a lot of fluctuation in the voltage. In this case plugging your chargers directly to the socket my damage it (which btw has happened with us). Hence, a good spike guard is what you always need.

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A First Aid Kit

If you think nothing will happen to you, well that’s good and we hope the same. But accidents don’t knock and come, they just happen. A first aid kit always comes in handy and is something you should always have. Some basics you must have are a burn-relief ointment, pain killers, band-aids, a crepe bandage, pain relief ointment, all your important everyday medicines, a mosquito repellent cream and any other medicine you think you may require.

Speak to your family doctor and build a first aid kit before you go on your next trip.

Luggage Tags

Airports misplace bags randomly any time. It’s always to have luggage tags on your bags in order to quickly recognize your bag in such situations.

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Shoe Bag

Some people just place their shoes in a news paper, wrap it up and place it in their suitcases. I feel that is kind of unhygienic. Instead having a separate shoe bag or more like a case works much better.

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A Phone Charging Stand

Some hotels as well as stay apartments are cruel. The plug points are much farther from a stable place where you could just place your phone. To avoid such a situation getting a foldable phone charging stand helps.

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Travel Umbrella

Travelling to Mumbai between July to August or maybe to Coorg around the same time? Trust me, carrying your own tiny umbrella is going to keep your prepared for getting drenched unnecessarily, especially when you’re all dressed up.

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Travel Bottles

Whether you’re travelling for 3 days or 10 days, carrying big bottles of moisturizers and other beauty products can occupy a lot of space in your packing. Instead get yourselves some travel bottles which are easier to maintain and carry.

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Swiss Knife

I just know it always helps to have a swiss knife especially if you’re planning to travel into the wild.

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That’s pretty much all kinds of essentials from my side. Now depending on where you go whether the mountains, the beaches, deserts or into the wildlife, the details of your travel accessories become more extensive and detailed. Want to know something specific, write to us and our next blog post might cover the same. Let your friends know about these travel essentials too!

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