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To be honest, I am more of a business traveller than a leisure traveller (which sure is on my list to pursue soon). We all understand that unless you are a regular traveller, travelling across the globe for years, like my dad, you will always miss a thing or two. If you ask me how would I pack my personal kit, I had absolutely no clue except some toiletries and may be a kajal, eyeliner, the usual liquid lipstick and a lip balm. But being recently married has come in handy to understand some basics. From why do you need makeup when travelling to well, it’s necessary has not been an easy journey. There has been a lot of trying and rejecting products and now, here I am with a final travel makeup checklist I think works.

Let’s start with makeup. There are three kinds of regions we all travel to: Hot, Moderate and Cold. Now if you are in a hot place and you like to wear some makeup in the say, it should not be anything less than full-proof solid. I had been to Mumbai some time mid last year and the biggest mistake I made was to wear a cream primer. My face had just melted. So, this travel makeup list will have all those kinds of products which are good for all kinds of climatic conditions.


They are important. If you have been ignoring this step, time to add one primer to your kit asap. These are my three favourite primers:

Nyx Pore FillerThis closes your pores like magic and feels light on the skin texture wise.

Colorbar Perfect Match Primer (For Summers)This is my favourite primer for summer since it is gel based and really holds the makeup well for longer.

M.A.C Prep and PrimeWhether you’re going to a business meeting, hanging out in the day out in sun or going to party, the M.A.C prep and prime had really got your back like no one else.


You need concealers to hide minimal flaws you might have on your face. I have chicken pox marks still from my childhood and if I directly use the foundation without any concealer under my eye or blemishes, it looks quite off. When you pick concealers, these can be a sure part of your army:

Nyx Correct and Conceal: You get multiple concealer shades right in one palette which is travel friendly too.

Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Extreme Waterproof ConcealerIt is everything as the name says and Estee Lauder is undoubtedly my favourite concealer of all. I wore this on my wedding day and it was a saviour!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting ConcealerIf you are new to concealers and you want to be impressed at once, I think Clinique’s concealer will really make you happy then!

Bobbi Brown Corrector: This is magical if you have a wedding to attend and a lot of dancing to do. It’ll probably go on even when you’re tired.


I think as far as foundations are concerned, I really don’t like them as such since I sweat a lot. But there are two that I am using currently, are really light and tough and you don’t even have to use a lot of them:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup: Blends beautifully. That’s the win for me.

Chambor Orosa Skin Fusion FoundationJust two drops. JUST TWO DROPS and you’re done!

Loose Powder

I usually set my T-zone since it gets oily really fast. So to set all those places you have concealed or all over your face, you need a good loose powder. Here are two amazing setting powders for your travel makeup checklist.

Nyx HD Finishing Powder: Instantly gives a matte finish and softens fine lines if any. I think it is available in 2-3 shades too.

Bharat and Dorris Loose PowderThis is an equally good powder and will set your makeup super fast.


To many, this particular makeup trick still brings a lot of ambiguity but it is not rocket science really. I love contouring since it really defines my face much better. All the contouring products that I mention below are a mixture of powder and cream contours. They all have great texture and really work for all climates. Whichever you like, add it to be a part of your travel makeup checklist next time.


I never liked blushes so much until I realized what a little touch of pink could do. Not a fan of shimmery blushes so the one that I use is:

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush: It’s matte and easily blendable.


I am a fan of highlighters especially how it can give you that natural pop of glow. I use very little during the day while I travel, but evenings are more about illuminators. Here are what I would recommend for your travel makeup checklist:

TheBalm The Manizer Sisters Aka The ‘Luminizers’ Makeup Palette: I looooove it! Just added it to my makeup collection and it works as a highlighter, blusher and bronzer too!

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing PowderThis is an amazing palette and highlights instantly.

Makeup Remover

Because you can never do without this otherwise BREAKOUTS!

Bioderma Cleanser Sensible H2OSome cotton and this, and that’s all!

Eye Makeup

Now some use primers but I usually just apply some concealer. All you need is a good eye shadow palette, kajal (if you wear it), an eyebrow pencil, a good gel liner and a lot of mascara. Here’s what I use:


I don’t load up with lip makeup a lot but there are a couple things for sure:

Nyx Matte Lip Creams: I carry the shade Copenhagen for sure.

MAC Lip GlossBeen using this one for years now. Never leaves my bag.

Nyx Slip Lip Pencil: A versatile lip liner.

Bobbi Brown Lip ColourThis is heart. Super long lasting!

To Blend

There are a lot of blending tools available from cheaper ones to the ones that are quite pricey. I use just one tool when I am travelling and that is:

YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge: You can use it from doing your base to blush, contour and even setting your makeup. Gives you a dewy finish and blends your makeup beautifully.

That’s all the things I think you need to pack for your next travel. You can carry some makeup wipes and blotting papers too. So when you pack your bag, make sure you have a travel makeup checklist in place to not miss a single thing to look like a diva on your trip.

Want to know about any product in detail or any dupes? Write to us in the comments and we will do a full post on the same!

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