Skin essentials, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate? Some friends of mine could look at this and have a good laugh thinking what is she really writing. Is she out of her mind? Well, over the last one year, I have had to develop a very important habit i.e. taking care of myself, and boy, it does need some dedication. I would hardly wear anything on my face until I’d realize it’s winter and my skin is going for a toss. Taking care of your skin is a great deal. I’d see my mother everyday follow a certain routine, cleaning her face, toning and moisturizing. When going out in the day, the moisturizer was followed by sunscreen. I’d rather not describe going to dinners and parties. It’s a long never-ending list.

Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate: Contemplating its addition to my vanity

For me to begin, a bigger task was ‘will I ever, EVER keep all those products and follow a routine?’ I was a clear no obviously because me trying this over a week or so pretty much frustrated me enough. Then about mid last year, I found out about Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Read a lot of reviews, spoke to the staff at Kiehl’s whether it’ll suit my skin or not, and took good enough time before I bought the bottles. Kiehl’s has a collection of serums but these felt more relevant for my use. There were still a few things I was worried about.

  1. I tried Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate samples and realized these are oil serums.
  2. Because I sweat a lot, and I have a super oily T-zone, I’d wonder that probably using these oils would give me acne or pimples which more or less I don’t have.
  3. They are super expensive for a skin-care routine beginner to try on.

I bought them!

Alright, anyway, I bought them. Kiehl’s Daily reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate or serums are two separate bottles for different times of the day. As the name suggests, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is to be used before you sleep and the Daily Reviving Concentrate is for the day. I paired both and started using them. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Clean your face well.
  2. The bottle comes with a dropper. On your hand, put 2-3 drops, and pat it on your face.
  3. Keep patting or massage upwards avoiding the immediate eye area.

A week later…

Whoever said the serums were magical, THEY DEFINITELY ARE! I was so happy the way they worked. My skin felt less dryer and much softer. The whole skin-will-turn-oily problem, well no, that never happened. With the night serum, it was just applying the serum on my face. The day serum could be used in different ways. Some days, after shower, I would just pat it on my cleaned up face followed with sunscreen or when applying foundation, just add a couple drops on a makeup perfector and then dab it. The face illuminates looking much refreshed even after a tiring day. I have sensitive skin, but honestly no matter what your skin type is, I personally think it’ll still work great. Besides, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate, they serve the purpose as well. I don’t have to layer up my face product after product and of course, they are travel friendly which is another win!

Earlier the bottle were only available in a 30 ml packaging but now these are also available in a much affordable 15 ml packaging, which retails for Rs. 2100 each.

 Buy yours now 

Trendogue Recommends

  1. I strongly recommend these serums. If you really want to give them a try get a sample size first from a store near you.
  2. The 15 ml variant easily lasts for about 2.5 to 3 months, can also be more depending on how you use. (Mine lasts for a 5-6 months, with three drops each everyday).
  3. Stay hydrated. Our skin to remain healthy and supple needs a lot of water.
  4. Always clean your face well with micellar water, cleansing face wash or cream cleanser and only then apply these serums.

Have you used the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving and Midnight Recovery Concentrate too? If yes, tell us about your experiences in the comment section below. Those who haven’t, well now you know, it does work!

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