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If you’re someone who loves makeup, I’d like to presume that you are a makeup hoarder too, because I truly am. Yet, I didn’t start using makeup until mid-2016. I was a late boomer in this case. Nevertheless, I have explored across brands and I have some favourites I use on a daily basis. And one of those favourites is Benefit Cosmetics. This brand established itself from a flip of a coin in 1976 in San Francisco by twins Jane and Jean Ford. It started with making a ‘Rose Tint’ which later began to be known as ‘Benetint’ and now we all know about its elaborate range of makeup and skincare products.

Personally, I love this brand because it really solves some real problems. Too many pores? Use their POREfessional primer. Got an issue with your old mascara? Benefit’s mascara range is a bomb and there’s no denying that whatsoever because I use two of those. Why is Benefit Cosmetics a favourite amongst women across the globe? Because this brand makes women feel special with its range of products and services such as the ‘Brow Bar’.

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6 must-haves from the Benefit Cosmetics range

This is a tough call because I am a fan of everything that they have. However, here are the top 6 products I feel you should buy right away! (6 because 5 is getting mainstream.)

(1) The POREfessional Face Primer


This is one of the best primers that exists in the market. This is a perfect primer for oily skin but works equally good for all akin types. Holds your makeup!

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(2) Watt’s up cream highlighter


The pop product from Benefit Cosmetics, I love this cream highlighter for how well it blends in to give that natural glow.

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(3) They’re real! Lengthening mascara


Best Mascara Ever! Period!

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(4) ka-Brow! Eyebrow cream gel colour 


The Ka-brow by Benefit Cosmetics is your brow savior.

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(5) Benetint 


I use the Benetint almost every day and I am most thankful on those days when I an down with cold. Just a drop of this give a natural rosy flush to your cheeks.

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(6) Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer 


I got a travel size of this product first and then I realized I need it. You will too.

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The best way of making the most of Benefit Cosmetics products is that you buy their sets. These sets comprise of a mix of their makeup products for bronzing, base and eye makeup. I love buying the sets because they are value for money and they are all travel size, ideal for my frequency of travel.

In India, all Sephora outlets have Benefit products. I have either purchased mine from a Sephora store or from Amazon. Head out today and indulge in some of these amazing products.

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