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What a wonderful thing it is to bring a new life into the world? While the process is overwhelming, pregnancy care comes with lots of responsibility for both the mother and father. From the day a woman conceives, several things need to be in order about her comfort, what she eats, her environment and so many more things that help in the healthy development of the baby. We already know that the first few steps towards pregnancy care is not drinking alcohol, not smoking and eating healthy. But how many of you really knew about what kinds of beauty products to use?

I have been researching a few things on childcare lately as a result of my workshop last month with UNICEF India and it made me curious that if most things need to be taken care of during pregnancy then how much can beauty products affect pregnant women? Several types of research have disclosed that the beauty products used can travel through women’s bloodstreams to the baby. This is one major reason why which beauty products one uses can make a difference during pregnancy care. While the chemicals are controversial since they are open to legal use, they have resulted in verified side effects to the human body. I am trying to list some chemicals right here so you don’t have to have a major in chemistry to make your pregnancy care safer.


Ingredients to avoid during pregnancy care

BPA or Bisphenol A

BPA is known to be a highly unstable chemical that can permeate into whatever is being contained by it, its nature is to disrupt the endocrine system, that leads to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Any product that has BPA labeled anywhere in the description is not recommended for pregnant women, as fetal exposure has been linked to a countless number of developmental issues and behavioural problems.
Now you know what to really look for when you are buying a beauty product next especially during pregnancy care.

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If you have noticed, most women are susceptible to fragrance i.e. something that might have a weird smell tends to make pregnant women nauseous almost immediately. Another issue with fragrance is that any beauty product from your face wash and lotion to your shampoo and conditioner, there will be some source of fragrance. It’s best to avoid that since that fragrance is in most cases creates with chemicals that are harmful due to the presence of parabens and benzene derivatives.

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Okay, so this is one sneaky chemical that’s found in beauty products as a stabilizer and is notoriously known to create kidneys, lungs and liver conditions. Look for products that are phthalates free from brands such as Tarte, Bare Minerals, Olay, Murad, Neutrogena, and L’Occitane.

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Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives that are commonly used in anti-aging products. However, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy care since it has harmful implications on the fetus due to the presence of isotretinoin (formally known as Accutane).

Skin procedures

If you are pregnant or you know someone who is who could be getting some skin procedures such as botox, laser or any kinds of fillers, must avoid. There isn’t enough research on how the chemicals could harm the fetus.

Hair styling or colouring products

With healthy eating your hair will already be at its best, so why use hair styling products? Instead, use hair oils that will help your scalp get the necessary nourishment and helps you stay relaxed. Also, if you want to colour your hair, it’s best left for post pregnancy.

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You and your baby after birth should stick to natural sunscreens. Chemical ones will absorb your skin inducing more problems.

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Pregnancy care should be about understanding what works best for both mother and the child. So, next time when you’re shopping for yourself, try looking for all these chemicals, sulphate, BHA and parabens. Speak to your OB-Gyn what is suitable for you. Let us know if you have any other concerns about pregnancy care in the comments below.

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