You’re going to need some Navratri makeup tips

Well, with Navratri is right around the corner, I couldn’t have picked a better occasion to share some Navratri makeup tips. I already sense the tension in the air among the youth to pick their best outfits for 9 days of endless dancing or Garba. Ahmedabad is lit during these 9 days of Navratri and all youth is out until late in the night dancing to the tunes of Garba beats. Every festival in India is so much about celebrations and colours, but here in Gujarat, folks take Navratri a little too seriously. Women are decked up from top to bottom in colourful and jazzy chaniya-choli (a long skirt paired with a decorative blouse and a long sheer or solid stole or dupatta). Boys keep it simple with a long kurta and jeans.

With this crazy dancing, I gave some thought on Navratri makeup tips. When you’re dressed well and dancing for hours, with all the sweat and the heat you wouldn’t want your makeup to smudge and give up. I have done some makeup tips earlier but I have a strong feeling that this Navratri makeup tips blog is going to be very helpful for all your girls trying to keep your glam factor high. I’ll also put some cost friendly options I love using myself so you can conveniently get them for yourselves.

Use the right tools

It is very important what you are applying your makeup with. Do not use your hands to apply your makeup because our hands are warm and it may spread the product evenly but will not set on your skin well. The best makeup tip is to use a damp beauty blender.


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Cover your exposed skin too

By covering I mean apply the product. If you have some discolouration in your back, neck or shoulders (because off-shoulder blouses) use a little corrector to conceal, then dab some concealer on it and finally set it with powder. One of the most important Navratri makeup tips is that do not forget to brush some highlighter on your shoulder and collarbone. It looks amazing!


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Set your makeup

You will find most makeup tips suggesting you set your makeup with a good powder. I’d rather recommend baking your under eyes, chin, the high point of your nose and forehead with a fine powder for 5 minutes. Once you’re done with your makeup, use a setting spray in a good quantity and then lightly pat your face with a brush so your face is set in the smallest corners.


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Avoid foundations

This made it to my Navratri makeup tips list because I personally feel foundations can really make your face cakey in no time. Good foundations don’t but eventually, after a few hours of intense activities, you need a touch-up. I’d suggest if at all you wish to use a foundation, pick from a compact powder or a medium coverage foundation. That will more likely stay in place with proper setting done.


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Use a primer

I cannot emphasize the importance of primers more, but they are the foundation that will hold everything on your face like magic. This is one of those makeup tips that no matter what you just never ignore. And in Navratri, more reason not to.


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Take care of your skin

Every day of applying makeup can be a dreadful experience for your skin. Do not forget to exfoliate at least twice during these 9 days with a good mild scrub. Clean your makeup every night once you are home. Have a face mist handy for eternity and keep wet/dry tissues handy instead of a handkerchief. Using hydrating masks every day can give an instant freshness to your face that will make all other Navratri makeup tips work wonders.


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Use waterproof products

Another one of the Navratri makeup tips is using waterproof liners and mascaras. In fact, the lipsticks you use are better the liquid ones because most liquid lipsticks are super sturdy and transfer proof. You don’t want the heat to kill these two things about your makeup.


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Play around with the golds!

Why keep it subtle during the fanciest of the events in the year? I’d say go ahead with gold, bronze and copper eyeshadows because they look stunning. Experiment with colours every day and try vibrant shades of lipsticks or even kajal every time you can think of a different look.


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I hope these navratri makeup tips can be useful for your 9 days of packed garba nights. Wish you all the mirth of the festivities. Show off your best outfits with amazing makeup and make sure your makeup stays with the help of these makeup tips.

Do tell us if they worked for you in the comments below or ask any question related to navratri makeup tips. We will find a solution for you!

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