Struggles of Choosing the right Clothes

Have you been sweating off in the gym way too much and trying multiple kinds of yoga to shed that body fat? While you are sipping several cups of tea during the day and sticking to the ‘pauper’s’ diet, choosing the right clothes is equally important. We all have our flaws and when you pick the wrong outfit, your imperfections will likely show. Being ‘the curvy me’, over the years and a lot of fashion blunders, I have quite understood what may work and what does not. So here’s how you can avoid it too!

Large Squared Skirts and Shirts

Irrespective of your current figure, picking a top or bottom having large squares gives an illusion, that you are at least a few inches wider. I am sure that’s not what you would want. If you really can’t do away with checks, get something with smaller check print. Complete avoid trousers or pants in checks unless you are co-ordinating with a blazer of the same print. (Like men usually do).

Choosing the right clothes, then skip Horizontal Prints

Clothes with horizontal prints or stripes will make you look wider and shorter. I had a poncho with horizontal stripes and about a year later I realized how bad it really looked. Since I am a fan of stripes, I just changed its direction. I have broad shoulders and to minimize its effect I bought a vertically striped off-shoulder top. It worked like magic making me look slimmer and taller.

Avoiding a lot of ruffles, sequins, blah blah.

Truth is, you can’t wear such decorative clothes every day. And even if you do, there has to be a balance. Avoid tops which have significant ruffles around the bust or waist line. Instead, if you’re going to a party, pair a minimal sheer top with a sequinned skirt. Less is always more.

Large colorful prints going horizontal

I have seen a lot of people wearing these long kurtas with big flower prints all across the top. As mentioned earlier with stripes and other prints, going horizontal makes you look bigger in size and a lot of print going on is gaudy too. So if you like flowers, find yourself something which has smaller flowers printed with a lot of space in between. Or a design which is vertically inclined.

The right neckline matters

A boat neckline is a fashion suicide for someone with broad shoulders. A V-neckline that shows off some of your cleavage will make you look really elegant. Whether you pick a top for a formal meeting or a dress for a party, a v-neck always works.

Colours are important too

Now when choosing the right clothes, there’s a lot about colours too. You cannot pair culottes with a bright colour top because it’ll make your appear larger. If you have a heavier upper as well as lower body, culottes aren’t good for you. But you can wear a pair of jeans with the colour of your choice. Layering with a bright colour long cardigan or one with prints over a black crop top is a great option too.

A lot of things when choosing the right clothes might not work with your but may work with someone else. Always try and take an opinion from people you trust and seem less judgmental.

Tell us if you have any difficulties choosing the right clothes every time you go shopping. We will help you!

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