City life, smaller homes and small balcony areas

A lot of us live in an apartment with a balcony, the boon of the city life, sigh. Now if you have a veranda or a backyard then there is a lot more that you could add to your garden space like a hammock or a small swimming pool. But with a balcony, what is it that you can really do? May be hang a bamboo swing or place a mattress with some cushions. Honestly, I have lived in all kinds of houses, smaller apartments and larger villas. But eventually I realized that one can really get innovative with small balconies. One of the greatest ideas that struck me is to grow HERBS!  Yes, you got it right; you can grow your favourite herbs in some ideal fancy way or in fact grow a complete garden. Limited space but a little bit of your gardening expertise can really help. You can choose which plants to grow whether it is rosemary, oregano or lovage, choice is yours and how to grow it in your ideal space saving way is our look out. These ideas are supported with a few hardware tools and fixes so make sure to attempt it yourselves only when you are sure what exactly needs to be done.

Idea #1: Old drawer cabinets anyone?

Do you have an old cabinet which you are planning to throw away? In that case I am glad you are reading this because you might just not want to throw but reuse them. How about growing your little garden in that cabinet? All you need to do is place it in your balcony, add whatever you would have otherwise in a container and see the magic happening. It will almost feel like the herbs are growing in the woods!

Idea #2: Colourful little pots

This is the traditional one anyway. So all you gardening enthusiasts there, go buy some tiny pots of different colours or just get the plain ones and paint them yourselves. I really love doing that because at one of my homes, my balcony more or less looked like a little nursery.

Idea #3: Vertical pots

Vertical Pots? How does that even happen?

Of course, it does! If there are a lot of activities that happen in your balcony spaces here is a pretty cool way of having your lovely garden. Take a strong rope and attach the pots in batches of two or three as manageable and then hang those pots from the wall. Ideally that’s a great space saving idea in case you like to lounge in your balcony.

Idea #4: Gutter material

Anyone having any gutter half pipes left somewhere in the house? Pull them out; fix them in the balcony in a way that it doesn’t go way too out of the railing. This is a contemporary way of having plants in the balcony.

Idea #5: Planter Pockets

Those long shoe pockets, what do you do with them when they are not that necessary? Plant herbs in them! Well, you don’t have to hang them or get them fixed, simply fill  these pockets with the seeds and mud and place it in the direction of the sun. This one is simple and cool and if you have wooden planks against the wall, place a few on them to retain uniformity.

I think reusing tins and cans is a great way for planting in your balcony too. If you love a lot of green but can’t quite have a garden yet, convert your balcony just the way you would want. Happy gardening!

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