2018 was not really how I imagined

I was contemplating how to end 2018 and what to actually write, but then I decided to bid 2018 a good farewell with somethings this year brought me. Never wrote this before, but this year has been slightly different than the ones before, I’d say more challenging in every imaginable way. We have a way of judging other people’s lives. Somehow, we all have this notion that whatever our friends and other relatives are living through is way better than where we are. To a major extent social media is the culprit, because this world of Instagram is all about ‘Goals’. Have you ever wondered how can their lives be so perfect when you’re all doomed all the time? Or maybe not? Why do we forget to consider that all those people whose lives we envy must be fighting their own battles? Who knows, yet we never stop the endless comparisons and judgement.

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Highs and lows

2018 also brought me closer to my conscience when I saw my highest points crumble into the worst lows I have seen in years. It happens with everyone, but those who can rise above these odds always win. These are times when you realize that if the people around you especially the one you love the most are not holding you up, things get difficult. In my case, it was always and every day my husband. We’ve been around each other’s shadows knowingly and unknowingly, and I think that has made our relationship so special. I have known this for a while but it has been obvious in the last year or so that when you love someone, it may not always be selfless. It has to be embracing and comforting. What we felt 6 years ago when we met gave us butterflies, but eventually, we grew with it knowing that what we have is irreplaceable.

In this year, it made more sense being around friends who matter than the ones who really don’t care as such. I made more effort doing things we love than just picking up random things to work on. And yet, more often than not there was a sense of dissatisfaction or minor failures. I travelled with family and alone to new and old places. We explored more nature as we could. There were days when waking up in the morning felt dreadful and a few days we would look forward to it. We lived through every day as it was, hoping the year coming forth will be brighter and happier for all of us.

Thankfully the last year gave some real lessons:

To let go: Because whatever you’re holding on to has nothing to give but more pain.

To live now: Tomorrow’s uncertainties are higher than ever.

To breathe: So, you don’t forget how important your own existence is.

To trust: Not everyone is an imposter. Some people genuinely care just like you do.

To speak: No one deserves the mental agony of not saying how they feel.


Yeah, and Happy New Year!

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