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I have a younger sister who is not so much into makeup as much as into skincare. I’d sometimes wish if I was having even half as many products as she does but I’ve failed miserably and stuck to some basics such as the Kiehl’s serums or Kama Ayurveda’s toner, etc. My sister’s skincare kit is interesting because it comprises of K-beauty products. It means she has been following a Korean beauty routine with products ranging from face masks, toners, mists, cleansers, creams and what not. Korean Beauty is a revolution and somehow it seems to be just everywhere. K-beauty is a term for the beauty products that originate from South Korea.

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If you have ever seen South Koreans, their skin is flawless and K-beauty is exactly the secret to that kind of skin flawlessness. I am not so wild about being fair-skinned but good skincare is something that I feel is of topmost importance with the kind of climate that we live in. The reason why I thought it would be nice to talk about some Korean beauty routine would be because I saw a major change in my sister’s skin. She used to play football and being in college keeps her outdoors most of the times. There was dullness, blemishes on her forehead and significantly visible pigmentation around her lips and sidelocks. It’s been a couple months that she has been regularly using these products and her skin has definitely gotten better. Around the same time, I started using a couple products myself- Face masks, blackhead removers and eye cream.


The result

Now, I know why South Koreans understand the importance of exfoliating, cleansing, using SPF and hydrating their skin from the very beginning. Because it has really nice effects on their skin. The three things that I began to use which I am still loyal to, has made my skin definitely much better. This Korean beauty routine has worked wonders. The first month, I used the mask sheets four times a week, the eye cream every day and the blackhead removers once in 7 or 15 days. Now, the frequency of the sheets has gone to once a week or sometimes twice. My skin has felt much hydrated and my under eyes don’t look so stressed out all the time.

If you are someone who is loyal to certain skincare products because it has worked for them then I suggest you stick to that beauty routine. Not everything might suit everyone, but I definitely recommend the face mask sheets. That’s pampering for your face. For all the rest who are still looking for a solution to their skin troubles, I recommend the Korean beauty routine to be at least tried for a while.

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I have a strong opinion that if you depend way too much on your skincare products to bring in some results without doing anything yourself, let me tell you it is not going to work. So, get enough sleep, eat well, drink as much water as you can and lead a stress-free life by indulging in some meditation. Combining all this with your Korean beauty routine or any other skincare routine will help with effective results.

If you have any questions about the Korean beauty routine, write to us in the comments below and we will help you out.

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