The Kinds of travellers I know: The Start

Travelling to Instagrammable locations has become such a trend. But during this new normal, it will only be a matter of time before all of us go back to how things were before COVID-19, but with all necessary precautions. The world is gearing up to adjust to this new routine and so are we. Through all this, I know there’s this one thing we dearly miss, to explore and wander to a new place or an old one with our loved ones. If you’ve been looking for safe places to travel in 2020, I’ll help you with that list soon. For now, let’s talk about the kinds of traveller I know of and you’ve met along too!

There was this time when I was travelling from Delhi to Varanasi by flight. I had to wait a long time before I could hop onto my plane. Indian rains and delays are a regular phenomenon, unless of course there are floods. I was sitting by the bar and there was this person who was reading ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand. Because I was pursuing graduation in architecture at that point of time, I wondered whether he was an architect by any chance. Out of curiosity, I asked him. And well he was. He responded well, so there was no harm to just talk further into randomness and convert the killing-my-time-waiting-at-the-airport into a meaningful know-how conversation. We talked, asked names, occupation and of course, where were we travelling. I told him I was going to Varanasi. And he was going to Mumbai. We did tell out ‘whys’ to which his answer was “for inspiration”. Because Mumbai has different kinds of architectural buildings, he just wanted to get some inspiration from the city. The more I have travelled, I realise there are different kinds of travellers with different kinds of purposes all together.

So of all kinds of travellers that exists, he was the ‘inspiration kind’ for that particular journey, maybe. (It was quite a short period of time to actually categorise him into some specific kind.) When you travel, there are many travelling simultaneously with a different story every time. But if I had to list down the kinds of travellers that exist, I could at least talk about the ones I have met on my travels. Let’s begin.

The Shop-a-holic

They are over enthusiastic about travelling to a new place with enough shopping places to explore. Somehow, it is not just once that the shopaholic kinds go with minimal packing. They always have one extra empty suitcase to take along and fill it in with everything new.


The Instagrammer Kind

Okay fine, even I take a lot of pictures. But just taking pictures is not the only reason I am interested in travelling. These are big time social media bound folks. They will make you feel envy of what they do, where they travel, just by the pictures they post. It’s like every half hour, click click! It could be total social influence. The location of travel are exquisite and so are the other things related. I am not talking about professional travel photographers, but people like you. A little show-off kinds!


The Wanderer

There might not really be a specific reason as to why they want to travel, maybe not even explore much. They just want to wander. I fall in this category sometimes too! Never planned, never the kind who would bother buying a ticket, or make reservations, but just want to experience some thrill out of the exclusivity. You will see such people making travel plans at a time when people are not awake or may be to a volcano, who knows!


The Restless

This would be an easy one to explain. I have been a travelling city after city for dad’s work and then as I grew up I found some travel independence myself. The more I travelled during weekends after college or just in holidays when I was supposed to be at home, I developed a fetish maybe. After I came back to Ahmedabad and started a new college along with working, I need to go somewhere in about every two months. Sometimes, it is every month. I am restless to be on the move more often than not.


The Smoke-up kind

This is self-explanatory.


The Depressed

A sad person, wants to go to the remote possible areas and spend time all by themselves. They are not feared by risks. They can be quite vulnerable. So if you know someone who is depressed and is looking forward to travel, either accompany them or make sure they go to a happening enough place to come back decently well. Maybe not depressed but this could also result into the following next…


The Evader

The evader or the escapist is someone who is ready to flee. I feel intrigued thinking about people who want to escape because of the stories they might carry. Such people may also be taxed by some misapprehensions such as fear, anger, anxiety, fatigue, a broken heart. What a mind perceives or holds on to can possibly be lost at a distance.

The Happy-go-lucky Adventurer

Ask them “Why are you travelling?”, “Because I am super excited and there is a lot of hiking and trekking to be done. Can’t wait to get there”. This excitement can be felt in and out in this kind. They probably are my favourite kinds of travellers because they absolutely love to travel and can be great companions. Plus, there is a lot to be learnt from what they experience of scuba diving, cliff jumping, nature loving and what not.


The Writer

As writers, we have writer’s block. It can be a temporary state or a rather prolonged state of mind that you really can’t do away with. Script writers, story tellers and authors travel to different places to seek inspiration. If someday I am involved with writing a script and I really need some enlightenment in my process of thought, I think I will go to New Zealand.


The Business Traveller

My dad kinds. They will travel the world, become industry pioneers, but ask them “What did you see in Vienna?”, the answer is “It was a business trip, I could hardly find some time to do anything else.” I don’t see the purpose of going to an altogether new place and just spending all your time for work. Even if I have travelled to Mumbai some 4 times in this year, I still don’t fail to see a little more of the ‘Bombay’ we love or at least get a meal at a new restaurant! But honestly, I feel envy of them. The thought to my mind is a delightful one- of travelling to places across the globe is making your rich too!


The Curious cow

They are not under social obligations but they are inquisitive to explore about a place. You will see such people dig deep into the depths of where ever they go.











So, tell me why do you travel? Write in the comments section below and let’s fire up a conversation.

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