Have you ever felt social media anxiety?

Are we always comparing? I have been asking this question to myself for quite some time, more so the day I started blogging. It has been a constant struggle with social media in some or the other form. And that’s when I would think whether all this is because of a mere comparison in my own mind. Social media anxiety is a thing and sadly most of us have fallen into its trap even smallest percentages.

Last few days have slightly been crazy with hospital emergencies in the family but everything is in place. Over this one week it made me wonder about why does social media anxiety even exist. I have a friend who has to look into her phone every 10 minutes because she has the fear of missing out. Whenever I ask her about what she thinks she could be missing, she says anything that her friends might be doing. It amazes me to think why would someone be so interested to know what’s going on in someone else’s lives instead of taking care of their own.

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Unfortunately, the truth is that social media is a place where the images and updates by our friends or influential individuals we see can create unrealistic expectations, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Because we see things which might be unrealistic for us to achieve instantly, results in anxiety and stress over time. People who have a better control of themselves might not be so affected by the whole social media conundrum but those who are find it hard to disconnect.

Getting away

If you have been a victim of social media anxiety, I strongly suggest one should indulge into some other activities consciously. For example, since I understand how attractive Instagram might be to keep looking at several times in a day, I consciously try and go to Google News and get an understanding of what’s happening around the world. One good way of getting away from social media anxiety is to read a book or some kind of literature which is resourceful especially when you’re free. Make a constant effort that you limit yourself to only a certain number of hours of browsing on social media (for an absolute addict). Trust me, it isn’t impossible in any way.

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