Do you have the fear of camping too?

Camping sounds fun. Camping also sounds adventurous. And let’s be honest, Instagram has made Camping look quite glamorous too, in a way that every one wants to do it coz’ it looks cool. Fact check: What looks cool is not always fun and especially for those who have no clue about what it is. This means that while camping looks all cool and great, some of us have this looming fear of camping (even though we haven’t really done it). I am not exactly the face to promote camping and how amazing it is, but I sure as hell know how you can overcome the fear of camping. All you need to do as first timers is be prepared and just GO!

I have done it once and I want to do it again, really because I have always been fond of nature. Camping may range from 2-5 days but if you’re planning to camp with your friends, try and see how two days work first. I had the fear of camping but honestly, if you’ve picked the right place and have the right company, such fears just vanish.

Pick the right place

Every beautiful place with a river, lake or mountain around is camp-able. My first camp was in a place in Uttarakhand called Auli, where we just decided to set up a tent near a picturesque rivulet for a couple days. India has a magical number of places one can choose to camp across States.

The first day lessons

The fear of camping will fade away once you’ve settled in during the day. As you go hiking or trekking, you will feel more comfortable with the idea of camping. If things like how will you relieve yourself without washroom is a concern, then I guess a camping trip will make you more adaptable to situations. Eventually, you’ll begin to like it.

Bugs and more bugs

One thing that still concerns me is what if bugs end up invading my head or entering my ears? This is one fear of camping common with most folks. The best way is to keep mosquito repellents with you at all times and a lot of it if you’re camping for more than a couple days. Keep some ear plugs handy and put them in your ears when you sleep.

Carry your camping equipment

No matter what, your fear of camping will come true if you do not have your camping equipment with you. Have your own tent, pillows, sleeping bags, a small stove, torches and all the things you will possibly need.

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You can possibly not go food shopping

Bring food that you might like to have. Ready to cook noodles and soups are great options since all you need is hot water to add. You can also bring along eggs and other comfortable things to cook quickly with. Having a picnic with you never hurts especially during your camping trips.

Fear of camping is one thing you should not worry about, because once you reach the camp site, you will feel the peace you have never felt. Staying away from all that buzz and worry in our regular lifestyles makes it more special when we spend time camping with people who matter. And sleeping under a starry sky is an experience you will never have enough.

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