Using the right ‘false lashes’

I came across the idea of using False Lashes only last year, for the only reason that I never really understood how to apply false lashes. If you’re someone who regularly applies makeup but lashes are an occasional affair, you’d know how dramatic it can make your whole look appear. Personally I fell in love with what lashes did to my eyes when I wore them. After watching several videos and several failed attempts, today, I am finally comfortable with wearing lashes myself without glueing my eyes together.

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Wearing false lashes 101

There are some basics that you need to keep in mind while trying to wear lashes.

  • Gently pull the lashes off the box and measure whether the length is accurate to your actual lashes. If you have to cut a few strands, cut it from the extreme right end of the lashes (right, when placed in the box) not from the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Do not use cheap false lashes. Cheap falsies will make you look bad. Good lashes are made of faux mink, those come across ranges.
  • There is only one glue I recommend to be used which is by Duo and nothing else. There are two colours available, white and black.


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  • I always found it difficult to wear my lashes using my hands or a plucker, so I bought an eyelash applicator or tweezer and it really saves your time and energy.


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  • While applying glue on your lashes make sure that there is more glue on the ends and a thin strip in the center of the lashes. This is necessary because false lashes tend to come off from the ends.
  • Wait for 30 seconds once the glue is on the falsies. The glue needs to set in to finally stick to your lashes.
  • Try and stick the false lashes as close to your natural ones as possible. Any gap tends to look bad and shows.
  • Curl your lashes, apply some mascara, stick your falsies and then apply some more mascara.
  • You can wear one pair of false lashes up to 20 days if you clean them well.
  • Don’t go way too overboard when you pick your lashes. Keep some for events where you would like some glamour. For regular wearing, I’d suggest lashes that are elongated yet simpler.

Some lashes I personally love:

If you have any questions about false lashes, or how to apply them, drop a comment below and I’ll help you with the solutions. May your lash game be strong always!

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