Madhubhan Spa and Resort

The perks of getting married includes your best friend squad gifting you something extraordinarily special. Now, I had been completely occupied with all the wedding chaos while my friends were planning to surprise me and my then-to-be-husband. Well it was one beautiful day at the Madhubhan Spa and Resort, Anand. I was super excited since our honeymoon started early and as I heard from a lot of people the resort is a must-must go! Driving all the way to Anand from Ahmedabad is an absolute bliss with a smooth expressway. We reached Anand in about an hour and a half and stopped for lunch at a place called Hungry. After lunch it was finally time to get to the resort at once. The entrance to the reception area from the main gate is one grand thing. I was instantly in awe of its majestic driveway and warm welcome. The resort is spread across 25 acres of land which is beautifully adorned with verdant greens.


Entrance to reception



We were greeted with two kinds of welcome drinks and were given our key cards within a couple minutes. On our way to our deluxe suite cottage, we came across the common activity center, three restaurants and beautifully made cottages. I only wondered how would this place look in the evening. Anyway, we made it to our cottage and I went OH MY GOD! This is apparently how it really looked!



Zanzariyu Deluxe Suite (Cottages)

I couldn’t get a picture of the bathroom because I saw something that drove me insane- Our private JACUZZI! Yes, I am a water baby and things like Jacuzzi and private pools makes me super happy. Another super plus was that you have a private porch which leads you to the swimming pool too. This swimming pool connects cottages and is a massive 300 ft long.


(There’s an outdoor Jacuzzi too just in case swimming isn’t enough)

 Once we had dipped long enough in this lovely pool, time was for some spa. Now, I can say 100% that their spa is equivalent to a 7 star quality spa. It calms you and refreshes you completely. Rejou- The Healing Naturopathy Spa is highly recommended because it feels heaven.

Food at Madhubhan Spa and Resort

If you are looking for food then you are definitely in for a treat because the Madhubhan Spa and Resort has about 6 restaurants to offer different kinds of delicacies. Akaaiberry is about Frozen Yogurt/Sorbet, Kouzina is an Italian Mediterranean Bistro, The Banyan Tree is a multi-cuisine restaurant, 24 Seven is their coffee shop, Tapas is for Mexican food lovers, the Chai Bar is for those you love tea and Wellness bar is a health juice bar. So basically there is something for every one. We had two meals there, dinner and breakfast. The breakfast was at The Banyan Tree which was quite a delightful spread and we had our dinner at Kouzina which was amazing too.

A Final Tip

Make sure you contact the reservations and make your bookings well in advance since the resort is always occupied. Apart from that, lay back and enjoy in the treasure trove of nature. Madhubhan Spa and Resort will really make you and your family happy.

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