Grooming for men: The necessity

With the continuous rush of festivities and a lot of guests pouring in and out, we all deserve our little procrastinating break during Diwali. I mean for that matter even my dad has been on a long leave of 4 days. Gujarat is a generous State when it comes to Diwali holidays. We look forward to a few occasions across the year of long hailed leaves. Time has transitioned from October to December and I wanted it to be really about something we should talk more about, men’s grooming. No, grooming or dressing up doesn’t make you a complete man, but if you’re close then just building up a few habits will definitely add that charm. Or well the complete gentleman charm. Being a female counterpart, I have observations and some specifics about men that I like. And honestly, there are a few things that all women commonly love about men, so let’s see how you can woo them!

Know your favourite fragrance and stick to them!

Now when I mean fragrance, I definitely don’t mean using those canned deodorants. More often than not, the scent is way too loud or unbearable. I think just as much as women should use a perfume so should men. There are long lasting fragrances across brands and honestly guys, you should invest in a good one. Having a great signature scent (not too mild or too harsh) is a grooming 101.

Grooming that beard

So once I was at the airport (I don’t know how most of my incidences are at the airport though) and I saw this man in a semi formal attire with a well-groomed beard. Oh My God! Wow, I couldn’t take my eyes off for a while until. He must really work a bit to groom it well. While Movember or no shave November is here, I know a lot of men do not shave supporting a great cause on prostate and testicular cancer.

  • When you grow a beard there’s a lot that goes on with your skin underneath too. It’s important to consult with your barber first to understand your skin type and then what best should be done to maintain your beard.
  • A longer beard must be shampooed and moisturized. Use the regular shampoo you use for your hair instead. The idea is to get rid of that itch which you initially bother and push you to shave it off.
  • Learn the art of shaping. Of course you let your beard grow wild first but not keeping it in shape might make your look wild too.

Your eyebrow truth!

We really need to keep our eyebrows well but with you, thick eyebrow is no big deal. Haven’t you seen George Clooney? (I superlatively love him!) But you need to check if they meet in the center or what we call a unibrow. That could be a problem. So at first, as your barber to clean any additional hair in the center and then as you see an unwanted hair, pluck it using a plucker. (Ask your girlfriend or mom, we usually have it along.)

Get rid of those smelly feet

Now some times you really will have to step out of your shoes and walk into a place, for example a doctor’s clinic. This is a major turn-off, stinky feet and shoes!

  • Have at least a couple pairs of shoes, so your shoes can have some time to breathe. Cotton, linen, leather and hemp are the most breathable fabrics in shoes.
  • Keep your shoes out in the sun. The heat from the sun will automatically kill a lot of odour creating bacteria and germs.
  • Wash your feet, every day, In fact, wash them even when you go out and come back.
  • If you have super sweaty feet, spray some mild deodorant under your feet and see the magic.
  • Wash your shoes once a while if they are washable.

Tame your hair

How often should you cut your hair? When it comes to grooming, my dad is my star in all ways. So I spoke to him about how often he cuts his hair. He usually does it in every 2 weeks but ideally one could also get a haircut in every 3 weeks or so. Also, oil your hair. Men’s hair especially goes through a lot more as most of you are in the field and out in the sun, so your hair tends to go brittle losing nourishment. Give it all the love it deserves to make you look your best!

Your face needs fuel too

Never speak to those idiots who say skin care is only for women. No, they’re wrong. The climatic conditions are such that everyone needs skincare equally.

  • Scrub your face with a good scrubbing face wash. It’ll get off dead cells your face and give you a more breathable skin. Once a week is great, other days you can use face wash for that fresh skin.
  • Moisturizing is as important for you as much a it is for women. Your skin will be wrinkle-free for a long time then.
  • Use a lip balm. I don’t know why a lot of men still don’t do that but having chapped lips is normal but not treating them will do worse to your lips.

Hand grooming is necessary

It freaks me out when I see men with long nails, moreover, long unclean nails. Simple rule of man grooming, whatever can be seen should be paid extra attention too. Trim your nails and also give them some spa once in a while.

Up your shave game

Some shave every day while some shave twice or thrice a week. Those who shave every day definitely need to keep a check on their razors to avoid shaving burns. Make sure you always have a sharp and clean blade. Keep a date sheet and check when you change to a new blade. That way you will know exactly how long your blade should last and when it needs that definite change.

So dear men, grooming is not just about being your best dressed but to keep an upkeep which is actually admirable. Not only it proves how particular you are about your hygiene but of course you sweep us girls off our feet!

Do you do something different than just all this? Tell us in the comments section below!

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