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Happy new year y’all. I hope the year has kick-started for most of you, and for those (like me) who are having a slow start, I’d say wait and watch for all the adventure that comes along your way. We did some partying around, not so much madness yet something. And with the winters around, I have been having some difficulties with my hair (which I am sure most of you guys do). Shampooing my hair was not a problem and off late because it has been so cold that I have not been shampooing 5-days straight. My husband detests me for that, but when you have your hair flowing down to your hip-line, trust me the struggle is real.

Anyways, I realized I could try my all-time dry shampooing or my after-wash hair products routine which helps me go so many days without a hair wash. It works, well at least till the 5th day when I finally give in to washing. So, here are some really amazing after-wash hair products you’re going to love and I believe are definitely worth a try.

Brillare’s Root Deep Anti-frizz Hair Retention Oil

The thing about serums is when you invest in a good one, you are covered for as long as the company continues manufacturing it. That’s how loyal I am to this hair serum by Brillare. I have coloured hair and no matter what you do, coloured or any chemically treated hair tends to get dry and very frizzy. This serum oil has helped me tame it. Also, this is one of those after wash hair products which can be used both by men and women. Do not be deceived by the word ‘oil’ because when you apply this to your towel dried it, you hair won’t feel oily one bit.


Availability: It is not available online, but if you’re really interested in buying it, this serum is available in major Hair Salons across the country. Find a salon near you, click here.

Kevin.Murphy Angel Wash Volumizing Mousse

Another one of revolutionary after wash hair products, Kevin.Murphy hair care range is love. There will be days when you feel like your hair lacks volume even after washing, or you might have an even ahead of you in the day. Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, apply this mousse in your hair’s length and massage into your scalp for a couple minutes, then rinse. You’ll almost immediately see the results. This is a fantastic after wash hair products, definitely pricey but worth it.


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Balmain Paris Leave-in Conditioning Spray

I recently bought it on my friend’s recommendation and oh my god! How well does it work?! I was amazed when I applied it on my dry hair and it still worked leaving my hair so smooth and shiny. You don’t have to rinse this and this spray by Balmain Paris can pretty much live out of your bag forever. One of the best after wash hair products for sure.


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Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Style for an instant style boost

This is a styling product which is ideal if you’re someone who likes to curl or straighten their hair on a regular basis. You may apply this styling cream by Sebastian on both dry and damp hair. Its application means smoother and more manageable hair always.


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Aveda’s Texture Tonic

Aveda is finally in India and you have the opportunity to make the most of it. I particularly love its Texture Tonic which is a concoction of salt and cane sugar giving your hair goals literally. When I want my hair to have that beachy waves feel, I’d spritz it over damp hair for best results.


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There are many more after hair wash products available in the market but on only these 5 have gained some reputation, these seem to actually work in the long run. If you have any questions, write to us in the comments below and we will help you out.

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