Period Hacks: Necessity

Well this has been something on my mind for quite sometime and its high time I really voiced about this. My periods bothered me just last week and I still have some side effects of the same (back pain, sigh). Let me tell you this, there are many who will tell you what to do to make your periods painless, but not everything always seems to work. Here are some of the tested period hacks I feel might work for you too.

Period Hacks 101

  1. Work out.

My mom would tell me to rest. Yes, you sure as hell need to rest, but some basic workout will help reduce your cramps. I practice light yoga and it happens to work. Do not gym like you usually would. Even walking helps.

2. Hot water bottle treatment

Might sound a little pricey, but you really need to invest in one. Some of us even have crazy pain right in the middle of the night and you or no one can really do anything about it. Some research has also shown that this has the same effect pain killers do.

3. Dark chocolate gobbling

This is one of my favourite period hacks, because chocolates. Since our bodies lose a lot of magnesium, an 80% filled dark chocolate bar can really help you feel happy. So do away will all those candy bars and stick to your dark chocolates. Feed the satan in you!

4. Get super sloshed… On Water!

Yeah, liquor, for 5 days, say bye bye and say a big hello to water. If someone has already told you about this, this is one of the best period hacks to swear by. The body is losing on a lot of fluids. Drinking a lot of water is going to keep your body hydrated and of course, keep the mood swings in check.

5. Get a dose of Vitamin E pills.

This is something that most of us aren’t aware of but taking Vitamin E supplements twice a day is going to reduce the intensity of the pain you’re suffering from. You will also feel much more energetic.

6. Keep a track of your cycles.

This not only helps you in knowing when you periods will start but also be prepared with it. (Secret: You will begin to have mood swings just 4-5 days before your periods is about to set in. For some, even 10 days.)

7. Get more calcium intake

Oh yes, taking about 1200 mg of Calcium is going to bring your periods symptoms to half. Benefits? If you start with all-natural supplements while you’re kinda PMSing, you will end up having stronger bones too.

8. Eat it right.

Here’s what you should be consuming more while you’re down: Nuts, Raspberries, Chickpeas, Spinach, Lentils, Soybeans, Bananas and Blueberries. They will take care of your low estrogen levels, blood sugar, headaches, cramps and boost your iron levels.

9. Don’t smoke.

And lower the salt, no alcohol or caffeine. It’s only going to mess up further with the blood flow and oh, your mood! Reducing your salt intake will help you with your breast tenderness.

10. Save your skin

Okay, I wanted to include this in my period hacks because a lot of us have breakouts right around our periods. Here’s what I think could help you keep it in check.

  • Use a foam based cleansing face wash.
  • Try relaxing masks.
  • Use Aloe vera gel.
  • Switch to a lighter moisturizer.

11. Disturbed sleeping patterns

So this time I noticed in my case. During my periods, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough sleep and with the pain and all it kinda worsened. The week prior to my periods ending, I got even more crankier and slept worst than while I was menstruating. I would wake up tired every morning, my body ached in several parts, work became hell and on top of it, there was no one to understand my symptoms or why I felt this way. This is how I have felt most of the days: Sad or Angry.

You can start with keeping a diary about how affected your sleep is around the dates when your periods are about to set in. You can also monitor your sleep cycles using a fitness band which accurately shows patterns while you sleep. Once you find the pattern, prepare for ways that can calm you before you sleep. White noise is one such way to sleep peacefully. And sleep at least 8 hours a day, not less. For that, try going to the bed an hour earlier than usual.

12. Dress up like a diva.

You are likely feeling crappy and wanting to kill someone. So, I am always thinking even is I feel shitty why should I look shitty? Wear makeup and do your hair every day, keep your self-esteem high and do not let anyone come in your way of feeling happy!

13. No waxing, please.

You’re going to be in pain, so why add more pain by waxing? This is one of those period hacks you must remember for all times. Your body is sensitive while you are menstruating. Getting waxed is going to hurt twice it would otherwise. If there is an event coming up around your period-cycle, I suggest you get all waxed a week before.

14. Get some lavender around the house.

Put a couple drops on your pillow. This is not only going to help you sleep but keep your crankiness sorted.

15. Keep an old towel handy

If you’re someone who might accidentally stain sheets overnight, you need to have an old towel under you while you sleep. This is a problem usually with young girls who have just started experiencing the whole period scene. But it’s better to be safe than be frustrated the next morning.

16. Keep the spare panties always.

Well, you know why.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar

Period hacks that help your menstrual pain go away are definitely our favourite. So, I am guessing you will try some Apple Cider Vinegar too because it really helps.

18. Masturbate… (Oh! Did I say that out loud?)

One of the most effective period hacks is to have multiple orgasms. What does it do? Relaxes and relieves pain! Duh, or just have the period sex. However, if your partner thinks that’s messy, you really need to reconsider. Sigh.

19. Stop the bloating with ginger

Just having ginger tea or just boiling ginger in water and having that will reduce the bloating completely. It helps with the nausea too.

20. The Scale is your enemy

Stay off it. Some of us put on weight during menstruation. You don’t need to keep obsessing over the weight gain by checking it every now and then. All you need is less trouble around you to make you really angry.

21. Just breathe.

Stay miles away from fights and your exes and focus on things that’ll make you calmer. So just breathe in peace.

Tell us what period hacks help you to get away from your period trauma in the comments section below.

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